Dear Fellow Asian Americans

Digital Drawing & Self Portrait
June 2020

Artist statement

This poster was created in the spring of 2020, after the murder of George Floyd and the ignition of the BlackLivesMatter movement. On top of the striking red background is a self-portrait of the artist surrounded by a call to action of Asain Americans. The call to action was inspired by a poster seen on Instagram during one of the BLM rallies held in the United States.  Being a student at the beginning of the 2020 global pandemic and amidst a social uprising was perhaps the most difficult thing I have endured. Isolated and grieving, I turned to art to connect back with myself and community. I had created this poster in the last weeks of spring quarter and was fortunate that my (Dis) Ability, Education, and The Arts course waved the final written assignment in favor of an art assignment. We were given the option to turn in a piece of artwork related to the current social or political climate. This piece is sacred to me as it holds the emotions of not only my story but also that of the world in 2020. The feeling behind this piece reminds me of my awakening to our true interconnectedness, collective hurt, and healing.