Katharina Leung Mei-Fa Brinschwitz

(b. 2000) is a Cantonese-Aussie German first-gen American artist who lives and creates in the Pacific Northwest on unceded land of the Duwamish Tribe and Coast Salish People.

Her interdisciplinary work includes animation, installation, film, performance, images, prose and poetry. Her practice, although fluid, carries the intention to center stories about identity, difference, and belonging that have long been silenced and erased. In doing so, this becomes her intervention on dominant forms of meaning-making within western society. She has an intimate understanding of the way that visual and auditory design can transform our perception of time, space, and self, rippling out to shifting how we understand the world. With a passion for having nuanced conversations about our relationships with each other and the earth, she aims to work collaboratively to produce immersive media that is as thoughtful as it is stunning.

Brinschwitz is a graduate of two BA programs from the University of Washington Bothell: Media and Communication Studies (2021) and Interactive Media Design (2022). She is also an alum of the Global Scholars Program and conducted two years of undergraduate research with co-directors Sarah Ramirez, Ben Gardner, and Ron Krabill.

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